It has become traditional to organise DMT workshops
the day before the General Assembly.

Specialists  from  different  countries  will  share  their  knowledge  and  expertise  with their  EADMT colleagues,  local professionals and  students. EADMT  is convinced  that  this  helps  to  rise awareness  about  the effectiveness  of  Dance Movement Therapy.

Schedule workshops DMT

Saturday 30th September


9.20-9.50h ENTRANCE
Welcome to the Institution – Elena Dueso and welcome (movement) – Mª Elena García
Atri: Square in front of Institut Teatre

10.00-11.30h WORKSHOPS
Demencia and DMPRichard Coaten (Sala 5)
Relational Movement Analysis and the Effort Factor “Space” – Inés Febrer (Sala 6)
4th Floor

11.30-12.00h COFFEE BREAK
Restaurant area

12.00-13.30h WORKSHOPS
Demencia and DMPRichard Coaten (Sala 5)
Relational Movement Analysis and the Effort Factor “Space” – Inés Febrer (Sala 6)
4th Floor

16.00-16.30h COFFEE BREAK

16.30-18.00h WORKSHOPS
Amerta Movement: a way to work self esteem in DMT – Montse Martí (Sala 5)
Exploring the potential of the Laban/Bartenieff interactional lens in enhancing person-centred treatment and care: an experiential workshop with a brief introductory presentationSusan Scarth (Sala 6)
4th Floor

18.00-18.30h CLOSURE
Closure (in movement) – Rosa Mª Rodríguez and closure of the day – Ana Luisa Meza Ferrari
Atri: Square in front of Institut Teatre


‘Weaving the threads together’ – DMP and dementia, a cross-cultural perspective

At the heart of this exchange is the possibility for improved relationship and connection, the ‘in-between’, first within ourselves and then for and with those with whom we work in Dementia.It will also draw on the presenter’s cross-cultural experience working with DMP(Ts) in Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Romania, Hungary, Latvia, USA & Canada.


Dance Movement Psychotherapist. International specialist in movement and dance based work with people with dementia. Director of ADMP (UK). Doctoral thesis on, ‘Dance Movement Psychotherapy and Dementia’ from Roehampton University. He runs workshops in Canada, the USA and Europe. He is on the International Journal of Social Research and Practice’. UK’s delegate to the European Association of Dance Movement Therapy (EADMT).

Relational Movement Analysis and the Effort Factor “Space”

In this workshop we will explore in movement and verbally our attitude towards the effort factor “space” (Laban Movement Analysis) within the context of a large group, and its effect on our inner attitude towards the other three effort factors. (Flow, Weight, Time) The emphasis will be placed on how we relate in movement to other group members and to the group as a whole.


Dance and Movement Therapist (Hahnemann University Philadelphia, Laban Centre London) Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist (Arbours Association London) Diploma in Group Analysis (Institute of Group Analysis. London) Movement Analyst (Method Cary Rick, Zurich) Executive Coach (Freie Universität Berlin).

Exploring the potential of the Laban/Bartenieff  interactional lens in enhancing person-centred treatment and care: an experiential workshop with a brief introductory presentation.


MCAT, SrDMP, CMA, SP(1), Dip. Sup., UKCP
Susan has worked with many client populations, with a specific interest in mental health and creativity. Susan completed the intensive modular training in Movement Observation and Analysis (LIMS NY) in 2008, and following this she undertook a specific trauma training in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, to deepen her understanding of the neuro-psychology of trauma. Susan’s psychotherapy practice incorporates humanistic and psychodynamic person centred therapy, incorporating body work, LMA and Bartenieff Fundamentals with dance movement therapy.

Amerta Movement: a proposal to work self esteem in DMT’

It’ s the power of the poetical Amerta Movement vocabulary that moves me to include this proposal in the therapeutical setting. this language, becomes a genuine approach to feel, to understand and to give value to the issue of self esteem for the transformation itself. Amerta gives to us inspiration as well as tools to connect with the healthiest and most beautiful side of everyone. ‘Embody the place and Inhabit the body, as a practise in the quotidiane to the change in the essential’.


Psicologist, DMT UAB 2005. Especialist in Early Childhood ISEP 2008 works in the private clinic practice with differents clients: children and her families, teenagers, adults with different handicaps. Dianne Dulicai Research Prize : DMT and domestic violence UAB 2005. Vicepresident ADMTE(2008-2012). In training since 2005 of Jogged Amerta Movement, in : Indonesia, Germany, UK,Spain. Recieve and offer workshops to explore the movement and creation in the places, site specific. In 2010 cofound the performatic project LAWU. for the awareness and creation of performances in the places.

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